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Sales Ethos is the fundamental and distinctive attitudes, habits and beliefs expressed in the delivery of service and/or the serving of people. It is the essence of growing long term client value. Sales Ethos is the compilation of underlying attitudes, habits, and beliefs of individuals and sales teams. Sales Ethos is an underlying philosophy and culture that drives individuals and groups in the sales process.

In May of 2007, my bride was diagnosed with Primary Amyloidosis and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). IreneDias.com has a threefold purpose: 1) for family and friends to send well wishes and encouragement to Irene; 2) for updates related to Irene’s treatment and progress; and, 3) for greater exposure and understanding of Amyloid. We hope that some day there will be a cure for this disease.

The LegacyLifeCycle correlates human life span with the ecological seasons of life. It can be referred to as the 4/25 principle. Translated this means that if we view our lifespan as reaching up to 100 years and separate each 25 year span into the seasons of life it looks like this:

The LegacyLifeCycle is intended to help us frame the important issues of life. The LegacyLifeCycle sheds insight, context and perspective. If a person can identify where one is in theLegacyLifeCycle, they’re better prepared to plan for the future.

Premier Legacy Films
Premier Legacy Films is a media autobiography enterprise whose mission is to accurately and elegantly tell your life story through video, photographs, and the written word. The company produces heirloom quality documentaries that can be viewed for generations. Brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren, will see and hear the characters and events that actually shaped who they are and from where they came.

The hallmark of my sales career has been ongoing, long-term relationships with my clients and repeat investment in the products and services my company offers. Rather than waste my time seeking ways to manipulate, I look for ways to build relationships with my prospects by serving them. Because I focus on serving my clients and providing long-term value to them, I receive a steady residual income year after year. And my clients provide me with a continuous stream of referrals. My focus on serving my clients, building deep relationships with them, and providing value to them in a myriad of ways assures me of an ever-increasing income. I call this the "Sales Ethos" philosophy.

Over the years I have served many of my clients beyond the business transaction by providing sales training for them. I have developed a sales curriculum which includes video, audio and written content. I have also filmed and interviewed many of the top sales professionals in business. I’m glad to meet with you and learn about how I can be helpful.

Mona Carpenter

Dave is one of the most amazing business men I have had the privilege of working with for the past 20 years. He is the "real deal" ... an incredibly intuitive sales person who is honest, ethical, very bright, and a great team leader. Dave always puts the needs of his clients first. His clients have retained one of the best insurance brokers in the country. Dave does not end by helping his clients address risk; he helps them grow their companies through his strong networking skills. Dave is without a doubt the best networker I have ever met, and I meet hundreds of sales people every year. His network of business people literally extends from coast to coast and beyond U.S. borders. It is a marvel to watch him put people together or the betterment of all parties. If you have the chance to work with Dave Dias, do it. You and your organization will prosper with the relationship with Dave.
Mona Carpenter, President
Marketing Systems Limited

Norbert Relecker

Dave is a trusted business advisor for our executive team and has been delivering significant value for many years. He owns the moral weight of his world-class technical team and always meets or exceeds our expectations. He understands the many challenges facing the hospitality industry and is always looking for aways to deliver on what we need. It's a pleasure to recommend Dave ... he's up to the task whatever it is!
Norbert Relecker, General Manager
Chaminade Resort and Spa

Greg Leith

Dave Dias is a man of vision and high integrity. He can bring hope and focus to groups he leads. He has long term perspective coupled with understanding the short term reality needed to get a job done. Dave's strategic connections span the globe unlike anyone i have ever met. Whoever you need to connect with, Dave knows someone who knows them! Wherever Dave is, things are buzzing with results based outcomes and the outcomes are ones that make a difference in the lives of people. If Dave Dias is your friend, it's unlikely you will ever feel alone. He knows the need for innovative solutions and is always searching out a new and better way to do things. In short, Dave Dias is unique in that he can create a vision, set the goal, motivate the team and actually arrive there with all those who are following cheering about the outcome that they created together. That is true leadership in my book.
Greg Leith, Director of Strategic Alliances
Biola University

Paul Williams

I first met Dave when he served as our hospital's health insurance representative when I was with Mercy Medical Center. Dave provided us with cost effective plans, initially saving our hospital over $500,000 per year by assisting us in plan redesign and identifying the appropriate carrier for our coverage. I later had the privilege of working with Dave directly when I joined his firm in starting up a search firm subsidiary. Dave has a tremendous zeal for life, treats everyone with absolute courtesy, and is one of the most well connected businessmen I've ever met. I've never met anyone with more energy and who is more fun to be around. He's a consummate pro ... a quality businessman ... a genuinely great guy ...
Paul Williams, Principal
InterWest Search, Inc.

Ken Churchill

Dave Dias ranks high on my list of respected professionals — and dear friends. He acts on the basis of his convictions, his faith. Dave lives his life with integrity. He's one of those fine people who decided long ago what kind of person he was determined to be, then acts accordingly. Dave is also a competitor. He works diligently for his clients, his community, and his family. I trust Dave completely.
Ken Churchill, Portfolio Manager Director
Smith Barney

Larry Broughton

The responsiveness, positive spirit and results oriented approach of Dave and his team at InterWest in helping us with our property & casualty, and workers comp insurance needs is absolutely stellar. Dave's high level of integrity and servant-like approach to business proves to be a winning combination. I highly recommend Dave Dias!
Larry Broughton, President & CEO
Broughton Hospitality

Dave is an experienced business insurance executive with special emphasis in leadership, strategy and sales. Partnering with his clients, Dave delivers a compelling network of world-class, complementing professionals focused on propelling their client’s mission.

Dave is a transformational visionary who understands how to mobilize people behind a common vision to achieve outstanding results.

He has served on several philanthropic boards of directors, founded the Time Out Conference and currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Azusa Pacific University. Dave is Chairman of the Board of PremierLegacyFilms.com, is founder of InsuranceThoughtLeadership.com. He serves on the Board of Directors of InterWest Insurance Services, one of the largest privately held insurance brokerages in the U.S.

Dave has authored Irene's Journey of Faith and Sales Ethos: Building Long Term Client Value. He is married to Irene and has two adult daughters, Jocelyn and JoAnna.

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